Avaya MVIPTel

Avaya MVIPTel 2.0

It provides significant control of software distribution & updates
2.0.2 (See all)

The Avaya MV_IPTel server provides a number of support services for the deployment of Avaya IP Telephones in a LAN environment. All telephones need access to either TFTP, HTTP or HTTPS servers for loading of new telephone settings and firmware. Additionally individual users may require to back up their phone data (speed dials etc) to an FTP/HTTP server. Each of these potentially requires a
separate server application.

Although a number of different solutions are available, MV_IPTel is available for either Linux or Windows and includes all these functions in one robust application. It is designed for ease of installation and minimal maintenance.

The application is designed to be simple enough for individual desktop deployment but with enough horsepower or high volume to multi server use. It has been tested to support 100s of simultaneous connections.

It also provides a number of advanced options to provide significant control of software distribution & updates in an enterprise environment.

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